Saturday, 11 August 2012

Google Doodles Go Sport Crazy!

So Google have changed their logo every day these last 2 weeks to keep in with the Olympic theme.  Over the last few days they've gone the next step, and created mini games in the logo.
Google Doodle

This has led to less productive days in many offices around the country I bet.  Inter-department challenges and taking the competitive edge to the next level!  Google often change their logo to celebrate various milestones in history, but these weeks in July and August have kept the country competing, even if it is just at their desks during their lunch hour (or when the boss isn't looking!).

Here at PaulSearch we've had a bit of a play, and the best score we can come up with on the penalty shoot-out is a mere 35.

Google Doodle

We hope you've all had fun playing these crazy games and not spent too much time not doing what you should have been! 

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