Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Quality NOT Quantity

Back in the day, when Google were pretty much unknown, the way PPC worked was based on one thing, bids.  Over time the search engines got clever and to keep people using them they realised that they had to update the systems they used and make the search results more relevant to the user.
google quality score for PPC and pay per click

This is where we come across the PPC Quality Score.  This has been around for a while now, but basically means that it is not just max bid that counts now in the world of PPC, but also how relevant the ads are that get shown.

Quality Score is several factors that in theory if you get right, can mean you are in a higher position than other advertisers and yet pay a lower cost per click (CPC).  These factors include your click through rate (CTR) the page that the user hits when they first hit your website, how relevant the keyword is to your website page and how relevant the ad is to the search query and also the historical performance of the keyword and campaign.

You've heard the word relevant several times there.  This is key to any Pay Per Click campaign that anyone runs.  Most of it is also common sense too.  Who what's to spend money on a click that takes the user to the wrong page of their site and risk loosing them? Or why show an ad for a certain product or service but not mention that product or service in the ad?  In the whole relevancy battle that Google have it is of course to make sure users get what they are looking for as simply as possible, then they will return.  Returning visitors means more clicks for Google and therefore more revenue for them!  
Google quality score for PPC and pay per click campaigns
It's not all one sided though.  They reward advertisers who follow these rules with lower CPC's, and therefore the cost per acquisition (CPA) will no doubt be lower.  So it really is a win win situation.

Here at PaulSearch we take relevancy very seriously.  Why pay more than you need just because you don't have time or are too lazy to put the effort into the PPC campaigns?  We ensure that keyword groups are very well matched, and if it means that there is only one keyword in the group, so it can have it's own targeted relevant ad, then so be it.  We want our clients to feel they are receiving the best service.  Not all PPC marketeers are like this unfortunately! Interested in hearing more?  Then why not visit the website at and we can start a campaign from scratch or help improve an existing campaign.

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