Monday, 13 August 2012

What is PPC?

So, you've heard of Google and how they are making tons of money.  You've heard of online advertising, and you've heard of a system called Pay Per Click (PPC).  But what is it and how does it work?

Well, wonder no more! Pay Per Click (PPC) is advertising on search engines where you are only charged when your advert is clicked. For most search engines these are the top 2 or 3 results and the ones down the left hand side.

PPC sponsored links are adverts that appear when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that an advertiser wants to appear for.
Google Search Engine Results

For example, if you are a Spanish holiday company, you’d want your PPC advert to appear for searches to do with holidays in Spain. You would bid in an auction for all the keywords that relate to your business. You would only pay for each click you received, and depending on how much you want to pay depends on how high up the listings you are. There are other factors involved too, but that’s the basics.

The key is to only bid on searches that you want to be found for, and remember there are lots of different ways in which people look for things on the internet.
PPC is a great way to get in front of someone that is actively looking for your product or service. They are in the market for what you offer, so in order to get that sale, they need to find you easily.  The natural results in search engines are great, but if the algorithm changes it could knock you down the results, or even out altogether, and could take months to bounce back.  Pay Per Click is an alternative and maybe a stop-gap to those long term solutions.  The PPC ads are almost instant and can get you great quality clicks from people that want to buy what you have to offer.
Search on Google, Yahoo! & BingSo that's all there is to it!
If you're still unsure or what more info, why not visit and we'll help you understand it more.  We can even run your PPC campaign for you, with set up too.  That way you won't need to worry about how it all works, all you'll need to do is watch the increase in traffic to your website, and conversions that it will drive!


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